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Contact Improv BostonElectric Fish Studios present:  
 Touch. Listen. Move and be moved.
© Pat Knowleswith
Kirstie Simson

A workshop for dancers with significant experience in Contact Improvisation* 

Over 15-hours of intensive CI instruction
Friday - Sunday, March 11-13, 2016

Workshop sold-out, but you can join the wait list.  
Link below will redirect you to Electric Fish Studios and further info.


Touch. Listen. Move and be moved.

What moves us and Why?
There is deep inspiration and rigor in a practice of improvisation that posits vulnerability at its heart. 

© TBDDeveloping the skills to be able to care for, engage, respect and respond to that state of vulnerability in oneself and others gives life to improvisation that is powerful and transformative.

This is the work that Kirstie engenders through facilitated exercises, open time for play and exploration, movement scores, observations and discussion. Much of the work is experienced through partnering and connection with others, balanced with solo time for processing and reflection. (More about Kirstie, below.)

Contact Improv Boston and Electric Fish Studios bring you this workshop in collaboration. The schedule of the event will be intensive; the size, limited; the milieu, intimate.
The material presented will require a strong intermediate/advanced level of Contact Improv experience.  

*As an intermediate/advanced CI dancer, you should be able to:
• take weight; be comfortable with your body off the ground
• fall safely from any level
• move upside down; be comfortable with disorientation
• modulate the physical tone of your body in relation to your partner
• commit to being emotionally clear and present while dancing
• accept responsibility for your own safety

Sessions will start promptly, following the schedule below.  Please plan your arrivals accordingly and be ready to immerse yourself in an amazing experience. 
There will be breaks and snacks, but no breakfasts or lunches will be served.

Registration and personal warmups....5:30pm
First workshop session......................6:00-9:00pm
Out of the space...............................9:30pm

Space opens for personal warmups....9:00am
Second Workshop session.................9:30am-12:30pm
Long break for lunch (at local restaurants or BYO)
Third workshop session....................2:00-6:00pm
Out of the space..............................6:30pm

Space opens for personal warmups....9:30am
Fourth Workshop session..................10am-12:30pm
Long break for lunch (at local restaurants or BYO)
Fifth workshop session.....................2:00-4:00pm
Out of the space..............................4:30pm

Workshop is sold-out, but you can join the wait list. Do it soon.  
Link below will redirect you to Electric Fish Studios and further info.

Pricing: (Registration available on-line and in advance only):
$205  -  Regular rate - This is most of us. Employed, retired, or self employed.
$175  -  Full-time student rate - also unemployed or severe economic situation.
$235 -   Professional rate.  Please pay this rate if you can.  Support the Arts.

Scholarships:  There are a limited number of $25 scholarships available for this event.  For more info, at the registration form you will be directed to send email.  Remember to register early.

Workshop sold-out, but you can join the wait list.  
Link below will redirect you to Electric Fish Studios and further info.


OUT-OF-TOWNERS:  You are welcome - come one, come all! We can help you with housing here in the homes of local dancers. Please register early and send an email to: ElectricFishStudio@gmail.com 

LOCATION:  All the weekend's events take place at: 

Cambridge Masonic Hall, 1950 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA (Porter Square)
Right across the street from the Porter Sq stop on the MBTA Red Line.
Park on far side of the lot behind Elephant Walk Restaurant, 2067 Mass Ave (across the street, north 3 blocks)

Here's a link to a map showing the Masonic Hall, the T stop and where to park: http://maps.google.com

Kirstie draws her from her knowledge of contact improvisation, dance techniques, the Alexander technique, Aikido, meditation and her extensive experience of improvisation in performance.  Her work explores the huge potential of the body’s response to the primal urge to move, inspired by the energy released through human interaction, physical challenge and a daring to go beyond inherent ideas of limitation.  

Performing improvisation has been the vehicle through which Kirstie is continually testing her self and the principles upon which her dance practice is founded.  In this way she has used performance as a means for pushing her practice forward.

During the workshop Kirstie will share her insights into performing dance improvisation; why she continues to perform, her deep enjoyment of performing, and at the same time the feeling that she has no compulsion to have to perform. 

BIO:  Kirstie Simson (UK) has been a continuous explosion in the contemporary dance scene, bringing audiences into contact with the vitality of pure creation in moment after moment of virtuoso improvisation.  Her eternal subject is freedom and she is renowned internationally as a leading light in the field of dance improvisation.  She recently made the film Force of Nature, directed by filmmaker Katrina McPherson, that is a testament of her dedication and love for her art form. 

Kirstie currently holds a professorship in the department of dance at the University of Illinois where she teaches dance improvisation and contact improvisation. 

Cancelation Policy:
 •   If the whole event is canceled, we will refund the entire registration fee of pre-registered participants.  If we cancel an event part-way through, we will pro-rate that refund.
•   If a registered participant withdraws from an event more than two weeks before the event, we will fully refund their registration fee, minus a $10 administration fee.
•   If a registered participant withdraws less than two weeks before the event, no refund will be issued.  Also applies to no-show, (but please let us know so we can plan better.)
•   We will consider hardship situations for refunds before and during the event.  Please contact the registrar.


Email:  ElectricFishStudio@gmail.com