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Sign up for the Contact Improv Boston Listserv here.  
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The list is announce-only; it posts a few messages each week about contact improvisation events in and around Boston.  Messages will have [CIB] at the beginning of the subject line, so you'll know it's really from us!

To sign up, click this link:  Join the [CIB] listserv 
You should be transferred to your email software with the correct address pre-filled on the "To:"  line.  Just hit your "Send" button.  Yahoo will respond with a confirmation email; answer positively, and you will be added to the list.  
NOTE: Yahoo might ask you to add personal info in order to
 access "additional features" of Yahoo Groups.  Don't bother; we only use the email listserv function.

If somehow this does not work, send an email message (any message, even a blank one) to and that should start the process.

Our Yahoo Group is a moderated list. Only members can submit posts, and only messages that are about contact improvisation and are relevant to Boston dancers will be approved. There are other online resources for general dance announcements in Boston and elsewhere; we try to keep our messages very focused.