Envision the Future of CIB, 2021 

A Series of Gatherings on Zoom   
Next Gathering: Tuesday Evening, March 30th, 7-9pm
⇒ How CIB came to be, as it was.

⇒ How will CIB be in the future???
Breakout topics:

  • How to deal with Consent and CI? 
  • Help organize events that happen NOW!
  • Help organize after things open up?
  • Outreach - Gathering the community!

Details on FaceBook: Event March30

What some did during the pandemic:
CIBers socially distance dancing
Dis-dancing 1
Dis-dancing 2
Dis-dancing 3

If you have photos or video of things you did during the year, contact us.

Weekly Jams Currently suspended, until further notice
A message from the board of Contact Improv Boston in regard to Covid19

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Central Square, Cambridge

Sundays - Most weeks
Classes/jams in Arlington


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