Weekly CI dancing on Tuesday evenings...
In-person, starting October 5th!

Where will it lead us?
Our community has an exciting opportunity to co-create a new dancing environment with a higher regard to safety and choice. World conditions ask us to build a new-normal for our practice.

October 5th: Welcoming the Community, 7:30-10pm 
CIB offers you an evening of discussion, structures and dance.  Free of charge!

With the intention of hearing from everyone present, we will assess the group's comfort level and establish a set of collective guidelines.  We will then share some structures to help reveal our individual needs and wants.  This will lead us to more conscious open dancing.
Arrive on time:  After 8pm the doors will be locked to create a closed-container that will honor the group's guidelines.

Beyond October 5th and for the immediate future
Classes leading into open dancing, 7:30 -10pm
Taught by some of our favorite professional CI teachers.  
Oct 12th:  Liz Roncka
Oct 19th:  Alli Ross
Oct 26th:  TDB
Introductory price for these evenings:  $15 (sliding scale).

Arrive on time:  After 7:45pm the doors will be locked to create a closed-container.

Important Note:  For these upcoming events, all participants must be vaccinated and wear a well-fitting mask. 
Please bring your vax card. (These l
imits may be revisted as time passes, but for now they are set by Cambridge City and by the CIB Board from of our recent survey).

Venue:  St. Mary’s Church, 8 Inman St, Cambridge
(There is some parking behind the Church or take the Red Line)

Fall Jam: CIB does not anticipate holding a large scale Fall Jam this year.

What some of our community early in the pandemic:
Socially dis-dancing
Dis-dancing 1
Dis-dancing 2
Dis-dancing 3


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