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Upcoming Special Event
January 20th, 2024

 Stan Strickland:
Live Music/Dance Jam

Looping Sax Meets CI
A Saturday Evening of Blended Forms
(space held by the board of CIB)

St. Mary Church   More Info Coming

The Tuesday Class/Jam
Every week in the evening (timing, below)

© Amandine RovettAlways: In-person indoor dancing
Mini-class leading into open jamming
Price: $10 ($5-20 sliding scale)
St Mary Church, 8 Inman St, Cambridge

Class/Jams are led by a rotating group of dancers who regularly participate in these jams.

Tuesday Mini-class teacher schedule:
Oct. 3 - Andrea: Hip Hips Hooray!
Oct. 10 - Bas
ak: Joyful Falling
Oct. 17 - Beau: Redirection
Oct. 24 - Mike: Keeping it Simple

Oct. 31 - Halloween Hiatus 
Nov. 7 - Jeff: I'm Sorry, Forgiveness
Nov. 14 - Basak: Creative Inquiry

Nov. 21 - Paul: Commitment

Nov. 28 - Anvita: Suggestions from Leviathan
Dec. 5 - Beau: TBA
Dec. 12 - Andrea: TBA

Timing: Class promptly at 7:30, arrive as early as 7pm for personal warmup.
Jamming by 8:30.  Attend both or either.  Over by 10pm.

Please strive to arrive on time:  
This creates group continuity and helps to create a strong container.
The Strong Container is so the entire group works together and understands the safety and consent guidelines of how we interact in our dancing.

Venue for all Tuesday Events:  
St Mary Church, 8 Inman Street, Central Square Cambridge
(There is some parking behind the church, come early or take the Red Line)

We have a commitment:  
Our community has an exciting opportunity to co-create a dancing environment with a strong regard for diversity, safety and consent, while advancing our CI practice.

Consideration of boundaries and consent are paramount at CIB (as they must be in the world). Dance partnerships in contact or close relationship must be agreed upon by the participants.

Regarding Covid-19:  Contact Improv Boston respects personal preference regarding masking and vaccinations. Testing and vaccines are not required. 

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