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Winter Weekend Workshop with 
Ray Chung
Friday - Sunday, February 21-23, 2014

Click this link to register for this event

This workshop is full and registration is closed.

You may join the wait-list by sending email to the registrar at registrations@ContactImprovBoston.com. We do expect a few cancellations so don't lose hope, but do write the email immediately.

Note: Walk-in's will not be accepted for any part of the weekend.

© Tony Fields

  The Art and Sport

of Contact Improvisation

(Class description below)

A mixed-level workshop

   ⇒ Ray is an inspiring dancer and teacher ... don't miss this great opportunity to study with him!

  • Four-part workshop:  Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning

  • Saturday evening gathering, optional (Limited to the participants of the workshop series)
  • Online Registration opens January 5, 2014


Friday night:     6:30 - 7:pm      Registration and Personal Warm-up

                       7-10 pm           First session of the workshop

Saturday:         10-10:30am      Late Registration and Personal Warm-up

                       10:30am-1pm   Second session of the workshop

                       1-2pm              Lunch provided
                       2-6pm              Third session of the workshop
                       6-8pm              Dinner Break (eat at local restaurants)
                       8-11pm            Party - Bring Pot Luck Snacks & Drinks

Sunday,           10am-1pm        Fourth session of the Workshop

Online registration opened on January 5. (You must register online and pay in full in advance).  We expect this workshop to fill up; don't delay if you want to participate.

$160 - Regular rate  (applies to most of us) ... for those employed, including self-employed
$135 - Full Time Student or Unemployed rate
$190 - Professional rate - Contributing to your retirement
$205 - Sponsor rate - Supporting the arts!

Click this link to register.  Registration is closed.  
The event is full.
 You may join the wait-list by sending email to the registrar at registrations@ContactImprovBoston.com. We do expect a few cancellations so don't lose hope, but do write the email immediately.

Limited work exchange is available.
Contact the registrar at: registrations@contactiprovboston.com 


You are Welcome!! 

We can help you with housing here in homes of local dancers.
Please register and indicate you need housing; we'll work it out for you.

LOCATION: for all Workshop Sessions

Cambridge Masonic Hall, 1950 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA (Porter Square)

Park on far side of the lot behind the Elephant Walk Restaurant, 2067 Mass Ave (across the street, north 3 blocks)

Here's a link to a map showing the venue and where to park: http://maps.google.com/...

Note: Saturday night party location to be announced at the workshop.


© Tony Fields 

The Art and Sport

of Contact Improvisation

In Contact Improvisation (CI), the art and forms arise as a result of what happens in the present moment. Can they be truly spontaneous or are they patterns that repeat from past experiences? Are such movements artful or is it the form as a whole that has an aesthetic appeal? Simone Forti once used the term “art sport” to describe Contact Improvisation. This apt description includes the physicality in the sport, and the creativity in the art. For me, the sport aspect has always been easier to come by. The “rules” of the game are clear: ­the laws of physics, how we communicate to establish trust and support, taking risks to stretch boundaries. The art has been more elusive, but less so when grounded in experience. Creating the bridge or connections between the “art” and the “sport” will be a focus of this workshop. 

What is necessary to practice safely, with ease, and connected to the players? We will conduct a survey of CI essentials, with a focus on efficient, effortless use of technical skills, to develop a facility for, and availability to, changing physical states and levels of touch and weight. Once essentials have been established, we expand our practice to include issues related to the art of CI­recognizing composition as it happens spontaneously, or intentionally. What makes a composition? Is it the way we perceive the action, or is it the intention of the player? Framing our intention, we practice embodying stillness in movement, and movement in stillness, as one compositional activity. Furthering our practice, we will working with ways of moving "out of the box" of the duet form, expanding our range of choices of how to include more than one other dancer while moving seamlessly into, and out of, contact. We will practice strategies for improvising, or how we improvise the way we improvise, as well as ways of embodying our imagination in movement. How do we make choices that create more choices, rather than limit them?

© Theodora LitsiosBIORay Chung is a performer, teacher, engineer, and artist who has a passion for dancing which he likes to share with other people. His main focus is improvisation and he has worked with Contact Improvisation since 1979 as part of improvisational performance practice and integrates other movement forms into his work, including martial arts, bodywork and Authentic Movement. Ray has worked with the leading proponents of Contact Improvisation including Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Nita Little, Lisa Nelson, Peter Bingham, Chris Aiken, Andrew Harwood, and regularly collaborates with dancers, musicians, and other artists. His work has been featured at numerous national and international festivals and venues.  Currently based in San Francisco & Sweden, Ray regularly teaches abroad.



Cancellation Policy:  

•   If the whole event is canceled (due to inclement weather, for example) we will refund your entire registration fee.  If we cancel an event part-way through, we will pro-rate your refund.
•   If you withdraw from an event more than two weeks before the event, we will fully refund you.
•   If you cancel within two weeks of the event, you may choose to either receive 75% of your fees back, or apply 100% of your balance to a future CIB event.
•   If you have to cancel due to a hardship (such as illness, injury, or family emergency), please contact the registrar and explain your situation to be considered for a hardship refund.


FOR MORE INFO, or to inquire about work-exchange: 

Contact the registrars: Maxine Gautier and Derek Gustafson