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Contact Improv Boston's Fall Jam & Workshop
with Patrick Crowley and Tim O'Donnell

Friday, Oct 11 - Sunday, Oct 13, 2013

On-line discounted pre-registration is now closed but...
You can walk-in to most** bits and pay at the door, a-la-carte

Of particular interest is Saturday night, 8-10:30pm
Richard Kim's Improv Viola Music for Contact Jamming 

** All parts of the event are open to walk-in attendance, except Tim's Saturday intermediate/advanced class and his Sunday advanced lab.  All the remaining bits, including Patrick's classes both days are open at this time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: All walk-in bits are happening at the Mason's Hall, 1950 Mass Av, Porter Sq, Cambridge, except Patrick's Saturday class, 2:30-5:30. That is at the Dance Freedom space, First Church, 11 Garden St, Harvard Sq, Cambridge.

To pre-register: visit our Registration page before Wednesday, midnight.

A Contact Improv Jam & Workshop for Dancers at
All Experience Levels

© B.B. Ames 2012  ⇒Plenty of Time for Jamming

     ⇒ Plus a focus on Instruction

  • Morning Jams

  • Choice of Afternoon Workshops/lab with Patrick or Tim

  • Friday Night - Welcome Jam

  • Saturday Night - Live Music Contact Jam with violist, Richard Kim  
    (This part of the event is open to the public; bring your friends.)

Note: You can attend the Whole Event or Bits & Pieces, but...
the Early-Registration discount applies ONLY to the Whole Event Prices

On-line pre-registration is now closed. Please walk-in to the Fall Jam.

SCHEDULE: (subject to slight improvisational changes...)

Friday night, 7-10pm                    Registration and Welcome Jam

Saturday,  9:30-10:00am              Registration and Personal Warm-up
                                                          (Breakfast available)

                10:00am-2:30pm         Opening Circle, Group Warm-up, Jamming

                1-2:30pm                    (Lunch available)

                2:30--5:30pm             Choice of Workshops

                                                 1) Mixed-level workshop w/ Patrick Crowley
                                                 (Patrick's workshop is appropriate for beginners)        

                                                 2) Intermediate/Advanced workshop
                                                     with Tim O'Donnell

Note 1: Tim tells us that the skill level for his class is on advanced end of the intermediate/advanced spectrum.  Please consider that the work might be frustrating for those who are not at ease with more advanced Contact principles (his words).

Note 2: As of right now, Tim's Saturday class is full. Some spaces might open up if people switch into Patrick's class so we are still accepting registrations for Tim's class on a WAIT LIST basis, but you may well be transferred into Patrick's class.  Patrick's class will have plenty of engaging material for dancers at a range of skill levels, including intermediate and advanced.

                5:30-8:00pm               Dinner at local restaurants

                8-10:30pm                 Live Music Contact Improv Jam, with
                                                 violist, Richard Kim (Open to the public)

Sunday,    10:00am-2:00pm        More Open Jamming (Breakfast available)

                12:30-2:00pm            (Lunch available)

                2:00-4:00pm             Choice of Workshop or Lab

                                                 1) Mixed Level with Patrick

                                                 2) Advanced Lab with Tim (space limited)    

                4:15-5:15pm             Closing Jam and Structure

                5:15-6:00pm             Harvest and closing circle

                6:00-6:30pm             Clean-up and depart  


On-line pre-registration is now closed. Please walk-in to the Fall Jam.


NOTE: Early-registration discount applies ONLY if you register on-line and pay by midnight on October 9.

Whole Event
$75 - Full-time Student Rate - (also unemployed or severe economic issues)
$90 - Regular Rate - Employed (including self-employed). That is, most of us.
$105 - Professional Rate - Pay this rate if you can.
$125 - Supporting the Arts Rate — Choosing this rate helps us to keep this event affordable.  â€¨Thanks for helping us make the Fall Jam and Workshop 2013 accessible to more people.
          *Must register and pay by October 9


Whole Event
$90 - Full-time Student Rate - (also unemployed or severe economic issues)
$105 - Regular Rate - Employed (including self-employed). That is, most of us.
$120 - Professional Rate - Contributing to your retirement
$140 - Supporting the Arts Rate — Choosing this rate helps us to keep this event affordable.  â€¨Thanks for helping us make the Fall Jam and Workshop 2013 accessible to more people.

À la Carte - Bits & Pieces ("At the Door" only, space permitting)
Either Saturday or Sunday (includes meals, but not Saturday evening jam):  $50
Individual Afternoon Workshop, either day (not including lunch):  $35
Individual Morning Jam, either day (not including meals):  $15
Saturday Evening Music & Contact Improv Jam only: $10-15, sliding scale
Friday Night Jam only. $8-12, sliding scale

*Note: On Sunday, Patrick's workshop in the Mason's hall will be open to everyone; the advanced lab with Tim is space-limited.  Registration for the advanced lab will take place at the event.  Priority will be based on participants' desires, order of full event pre-registration and is subject to acceptance by the the teacher and event coordinators. No walk-in participation will be accepted.

Work exchange: There is some limited work exchange available for this event.  Please contact the registrar for more information. registrations@contactimprovboston.com


On-line pre-registration is now closed. Please walk-in to the Fall Jam.

Please register early; it really does help us plan.  

Cut off for On-line Pre-Registration is midnight October 9th.

You can pay by credit card through PayPal or by check, but
You must visit the Registration page in order to enter your information.


(Please note that Patrick's workshops will be appropriate for dancers with all levels of experience, including beginners. Tim's workshop on Saturday is appropriate for intermediate/advanced dancers, and his Sunday lab is designed for advanced dancers.  Please choose honestly and appropriately, to ensure a satisfying experience for everyone.)

Patrick Crowley's Workshop

Welcome to the Contact Laboratory of Momentum!  
Starting with subtle momentum, we will explore letting go and finding new muscular and neurological pathways.  The state of buoyancy will underlie our research. I will offer methods of perception that will help create ease and clarity in full-bodied dancing.  Our goal is to rejoin the physical forces so we can abandon ourselves to its intelligence.  Flying is a natural outcome.  We will challenge ourselves and discover mystery.

Tim O'Donnell's Workshop

From a place of deep physical listening we will focus on cultivating our responsiveness rather than our re-activeness, recognizing and then altering our known pathways, and composing through dialog to create new layers and textures that deepen our dancing.
I am interested in how we dialog with each other, the space, our viewers and ourselves. How do we dance in a way that allows us not just to be seen, but understood? How do we listen so we can take greater risks physically and compositionally?
With a strong grounding in contact improvisation we will experiment with these ideas to expand our dancing from the gentle and subtle, to the acrobatic and fluidly athletic.


You are Welcome!!  Come one, come all!!

We can help you with housing here in the homes of local dancers.
Please pre-register and indicate you need housing; we'll work it out for you.

Questions about housing?   Email Peter: housing@ContactImprovBoston.com


All the weekend's jamming, plus Tim's Saturday afternoon class and Patrick's Sunday class take place at:
Cambridge Masonic Hall, 1950 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA (Porter Square)

Right across the street from the Porter Sq stop on the MBTA Red Line

Note: ONLY Patrick's Saturday class is at the Dance Freedom space, First Church,11 Garden St, Harvard Sq, Cambridge

Park on far side of the lot behind Elephant Walk Restaurant, 2067 Mass Ave (across the street, north 3 blocks)

Here's a link to a map showing the Masonic Hall, the T stop and where to park: http://maps.google.com

Directions to the Sunday Advanced Lab will be distributed at the event on Sunday.


Patrick Crowley discovered contemporary dance and Contact Improvisation 29 years ago and has been dancing, teaching, and performing since.  He was certified in bodywork by Sensei Toshiko Phipps and teaches and does sessions in somatics and yoga. Currently he teaches & performs with the Zany Angels Dance Theatre Company.  He enjoys bumbling into creative moments with his wife, Rythea, and baby, Torielle in western Mass.


Tim O’Donnell is a New York based dance artist who teaches, and performs in both the United States and Europe. His exploration in dance, movement and improvisation is strongly rooted in deep physical listening while maintaining a sense of adventure. He has taught and performed for numerous organizations, universities and festivals most recently including the American Dance Festival, Arizona State University, Dance Ireland, Dance New Amsterdam and Movement Research. He holds an MFA in Dance,  has maintained a private practice in therapeutic bodywork and somatic movement since 1995 and has been on faculty at Movement Research since 2005.  He is currently teaching at ASU as a guest faculty member.

Regarding product sales at the event:  If you have items of interest to contact improv dancers (generally clothing) that you would like to sell at the jam, please contact the organizers in advance.  We have limited space available for vendors, and may not be able to say yes to everyone, so it is important you let us know well ahead of time.

Cancelation Policy:  
•   If the whole event is canceled, we will refund your entire registration fee.  If we cancel an event part-way through, we will pro-rate your refund.
•   If you withdraw from an event more than two weeks before the event, we will fully refund you.
•   If you cancel within two weeks of the event, you may choose to either receive 75% of your fees back, or apply 100% of your balance to a future CIB event.
•   If you have to cancel due to a hardship (such as illness, injury, or family emergency), please contact the registrar and explain your situation to be considered for a hardship refund.


General questions: Email Elizabeth at contact@contactimprovboston.com

Registration issues: Email Paul at registrations@contactimprovboston.com