May Jam 2020  --  Yes.  By ZOOM!

May Jam by ZOOM! - Instead of our usual celebration, we are offering this newly conceived way to bring the community together.

© Catherine Musinski 2010On Saturday Night, May 23rd, 8-10:30
Music/Dance Improv Jam with Shamou

  In honor of Nancy Stark Smith, we will take break sometime during the evening to share five minutes in the classic CI practice of The Small Dance, lead by Neige Christenson.

These are the logistics as of today,
come back for updates.  
We are still learning right now...

Join with Link (Password = mayjam2020) 

Shamou is an old favorite of the CI world; he is a powerhouse who reacts to us as dancers, as we do to him as a musician.

Shamou's music invites you to dance, as he dances with you.
Roll on the floor; dance on your funiture, pin a partner, interact...

Put on your kneepads, bring your dancing body to a wonderful evening of shared jamming.