Sunday Class/Jam at the Arlington Center

Sunday Jamphoto by Neige Christenson

Weekly Sunday Class/Jam

Join us for luscious dancing in a beautiful space!

We meet every Sunday from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the Arlington Center, 369 Mass. Ave., Arlington. 
Each week the first hour of the event is a class followed by an hour of a focused jam.  The class instruction informing the jam.  
The classes are generally taught by Mike Klinger, Catherine Musinsky, Amber Espar or Christopher Ellinger.  Occasionally other dancers facilitate.
Classes are open to all levels, and will focus on the fundamentals of the form, as well as provide a training ground for safe jamming.
The Arlington Center has plenty of street parking, and is accessible by bus. See their website for directions.
Admission is $9 at the door, less if you pay in advance. In addition, we'll pass a hat for optional (but suggested) offerings for the teacher. We recommend an additional $5 to $10.
For more info, contact Mike Klinger --  978 263-7925