December 12, 8-10pm
St. Mary's Church
8 Inman St, Cambridge

Musical soundscape by Sunniva & Zach

Please come on time, if you can.
For safety-sake, we will begin with a discussion of parameters and a focused warmup. 

Facilitation by Robin Shaw and Nelson Tetreault.

 Taking away the use of our eyes invites new insights by heightening our other senses and intuition. This jam is an opportunity to listen in new and different ways to our own dance and that of our fellow explorers.

To insure a supportive environment, we include sighted safety witnesses. 


You can bring your own blindfold. We’ll have plenty of extras too. 

Some Contact Improv experience preferred.

There will be some sound and music during the Jam, created by Sunniva Brynnel and Zach Mayer. We expect this will enhance the spirit of noticing, care, and spaciousness, as well as the avant-garde nature of dance and music together.

"What Transpires" A Contact Improvisation Duet
Nelson Tetreault and Neige Christenson - dancers.      Sunniva Brynnel - accordion.

Sunniva BrynnelZach Mayer