Local Contact Improv & Related Dance Links

Contact Improvisation JP

This event, managed by Jared Williams, was designed to provide a weekly lab/class/jam exploration into the form "on the other side of the river" in Jamaica Plain.  Beginner-friendly  (all levels welcome) lab/classes morph into a period of jamming.  Check out their website which has a plethora of helpful links to both historical and current explorations and discussions of the form, and look for them on Facebook.

Movement Improvisation Jam

facilitated by: Olivier Besson

This jam, ongoing for over 25 years, is held every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month (2nd and 3rd in December) except in July and August (summer hiatus). A spontaneous and unstructured collaboration of live music and dance. All physical abilities and creative styles welcome. Held at the Dance Complex at 536 Mass. Ave. Central Square, Cambridge, from 8pm 'til 10pm. Admission: $10-15

For more info contact Olivier osbesson@yahoo.com

... is a wonderful retreat center for CI, improvisation & related dancing, located in the woods of western MA. As well as many dance workshops, each year they hold amazing quarterly weekend-plus long jams and weekly Sunday night jams. (Psst... there's a sauna too!)

For more info, please check earthdance.net or call 413-634-5678

Freestyle Dance

Interested in barefoot dancing? check out Dance Freedom, or Dance Friday for details about regular weekly events, and the DNE website for info about other events throughout the year, including summer dance camp in Freedom, New Hampshire.

Other Dance Happenings

There are lots of dance classes, workshops and performances at the Dance Complex, and Greenstreet Studios... both in Central Square.

Contact Improv In Other Locations

There are jams and workshops happening all over the globe. There's the Burlington jam, the East Coast Jam in West Virginia (held in Spring and Fall), the annual Montreal jam (in early November), the Moab Jam in May in Utah and more. Check contactimprov.net for information about events all over the world. 

and more...

Contact Quarterly is a biannual publication focusing on contact improvisation and other related movement forms. They also sell the favored "Chinese kneepads" worn by so many dancers.